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Canada's First Commercial Spaceport

In Nova Scotia, satellite innovators will launch, grow and build connections close to home and around the world.

Calm ocean at sunset revealing wispy clouds and dark starry sky.

Why Nova Scotia?

Our range of inclinations is unparalleled in North America: on the western edge of the North Atlantic ocean, Spaceport Nova Scotia is clear from launch trajectory path obstructions or hazards and an easy rallying point for transportation, resources, and clients.

Our launch site

It's Rocket Science

Our launch vehicle partners are celebrated for their proven flight heritage and for their engineering, design and mission history. Their launch vehicles are customizable for commercial applications, putting single spacecraft or constellation satellites into low-earth orbit.


Satellite orbiting Earth from Space.
Exterior rendering of Spaceport Nova Scotia

Commercial Access

Commercial satellites launched from Nova Scotia will collect data, establish communications, and support scientific discovery. We’ll meet enterprise goals with flexible missions, timelines, and component design.

Launch with us

World-Class Expertise

Our managers, engineers, technicians, designers, and mission specialists have launched satellites all over the world. As Canada’s first commercial spaceport, we’re attracting talent, leadership, retention, and economic growth to Nova Scotia.

Meet our team

Rocket flies into the dark starry sky leaving a yellow glow behind as it leaves Earth's atmosphere.
Aerial View of Canso Windmills

Stewardship & Safety

The safety and protection of our people, community, and environment is paramount to everything we do. We’ll design, build, and operate our best-in-class facility for a carbon-neutral future with a minimal impact footprint, low emissions, and high transparency.

Our best-in-class operation

The satellites we launch will help solve the planet's greatest challenges.

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Tracking climate change, forest fires, and biodiversity

Data Icon

Gathering data and analysis to power new ideas

Observing Earth and Space Icon

Detecting changes in earth or space vital to economies

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Advancing computing, medicine, and manufacturing

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A protective eye on shared places and borders

Information Connectivity Icon

High-speed connectivity for remote hospitals or towns

Satellite Icon

Imagining new modes of space exploration

Agriculture Icon

Enhancing agricultural and food systems integrity

Construction is underway

We broke ground in 2022—the culmination of years of design, regulatory and environmental study, and government partnerships. We’re capitalizing on Nova Scotia’s excellent geographic positioning to build a world-leading spaceport, a huge benefit to the Canadian space industry and to our national economy. As highly specialized trades arrive to pour concrete and frame our world-class facility, we’ll share the progress with our community.

For the latest developments, follow along on social media or in our news section below.

Exterior rendering of Spaceport Nova Scotia
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