Rocket flies into the dark starry sky leaving a yellow glow behind as it leaves Earth's atmosphere.

Our Globally-Experienced Team

Our managers, engineers, technicians, designers, and mission specialists have launched satellites all over the world.

In giving our new and flourishing space sector the facility it needs, our cohort of proven global innovators will build talent, leadership, retention, and economic growth for the province. The people of Maritime Launch—the parent organization building Spaceport Nova Scotia—bring decades of engineering, project management, and business development expertise specific to the aerospace industry, with mission credentials from nearly every spaceport in the world.

By building one of the world’s only commercial spaceports in such an ideal location, we’re offering to enterprise innovators a calibre of expertise once reserved for government and national defense. Ambitious ideas take off in Nova Scotia. We’ll see you here.

Our Team

Profile of Steve Matier, President & CEO

Stephen Matier

Founder, CEO & Director

Profile of Robert Feierbach, President of Maritime Launch USA

Robert Feierbach

President, Maritime Launch USA

Profile of Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi, Director of Safety

Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi

Director of Safety

Profile of Harvey Doane, Vice President of Strategic Development

Harvey Doane

Chief Operating Officer

Profile of Sarah McLean, Vice President of Communications and Corporate Affairs

Sarah McLean

Vice President, Communications
and Corporate Affairs

Profile of Keith Abriel, Chief Financial Officer

Keith Abriel

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Profile of Sasha Jacobs

Sasha Jacob

Chair of the Board

Profile of Steve Matier, President & CEO

Stephen Matier

Founder, CEO & Director

Sylvain Laporte Portrait

Sylvain Laporte


Rita Theil

Rita Theil