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Launch Into Opportunity

Mission-proven vehicles, a launch pad like none other, and an affinity for your commercial goals. Nova Scotia awaits.

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Dedicated Launch

No matter what your payload, we’ll get it placed on time, on budget, and on the right trajectory.

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Rideshare Launch

We can assemble a cohort of enterprises to rideshare on the same mission at highly competitive rates.


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Constellation Launch

Whether four or 400 satellites, establish a constellation of spacecraft with a mix of dedicated and rideshare launches.

Yuzhnoye Group Support Equipment

An unparalleled range of inclinations

In 2023, we’re getting construction underway—and what will be a world-class facility has already been booked to place satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits. By 2024, these first client projects will be on our launch vehicles and in flight, with deployments to suit their needs. Spaceport Nova Scotia will be first commercial launch complex in Canada and one of few in the world.

Our launch vehicles

Most of the world’s spaceports are government-owned, and thus prioritize defense and federal use. As the global space economy shifts, Nova Scotia's commercial launches will make the site not only a Canadian first, but a premiere destination worldwide.

 The satellites we place will lead the world in environmental monitoring, earth observation, imaging, broadband, and telecommunications.

The Cyclone-4M: Designed for Commercial Missions

Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash are our primary launch vehicle developers, manufacturers and partners. They build proven, low-risk vehicles that place from to 3350 kg to 5000 kg of cargo into a variety Low Earth Orbit (LEO) destinations, including polar and sun-synchronous orbits. The Cyclone-4M (C4M) lift vehicle, the first for Spaceport Nova Scotia, is a two-staged monoblock medium-lift launcher for commercial launch missions to LEO. It has a unique and reliable design based on the proven engineering of Yuzhnoye’s many other integrated launch vehicles.

  • Low Earth Orbit-oriented launch vehicle (including sun-synchronous or International Space Station orbits, as required)
  • Can launch a single dedicated spacecraft (SC) into precise orbits, or an aggregation of satellites in a constellation deployment
  • Multiple-restart capability of the second stage engine allows deployment to several orbital destinations on the same flight

The Cyclone-4M is a highly customizable and reliable launch vehicle designed and supplied by Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash, and we’re proud to have them as our key partner in Nova Scotia.

Cover photo of the Cyclone-4M User Guide

Cyclone-4M Launch Vehicle User Guide

The Cyclone-4M Launch Vehicle User Guide (DOWNLOAD) details specifications, launch point parameters, permissible objects, payload capacity, LV flight, and separation data.

Click through for more specifications and a behind-the-scenes look at the launch vehicles.

Our launch vehicles

Blueprint of Cyclone-4M Launch Vehicle