Expression of Interest

Help build an out-of-this-world spaceport in Nova Scotia.

Maritime Launch is the Canadian-owned commercial aerospace company responsible for developing Spaceport Nova Scotia, a satellite launching site for the fast-growing commercial space transportation industry.

Spaceport Nova Scotia will do more than launch satellites. It will:

  • Fuel the growth of Canada’s aerospace sector
  • Create jobs in rural Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada
  • Facilitate R&D initiatives with post-secondary institutions
  • Keep our highly educated youth at home
  • Transform Nova Scotia into an international hub for space-related tourism


A call for local talent and skill

As we design and build the spaceport, local subcontractors, suppliers and tradespeople in the local community are integral. Are you looking to do business with Canada’s first orbital launch complex? We’re building a database of interested companies and tradespeople who can support us in our construction and development.


Warehouse managers and worker working on laptop in a large warehouse.

Subcontractors and Suppliers

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