Aerial View of Canso Windmills

Our Launch Services

Spaceport Nova Scotia

The global market demand for launch services was valued at $10 billion US in 2022 and it's growing quickly. Commercial and government satellite operators are looking for a safe, efficient, and competitive spaceport to call home, much like an airport serves as a home for an airline operator.

Spaceport Nova Scotia is licensed to launch vehicles with up to 5,000 kg payloads. Located near Canso, Nova Scotia, the most desirable location in North America, we offer launch vehicle operators a complete range of launch azimuths for their satellite clients. From the coast of Nova Scotia with a clear expanse of open ocean to Europe in the east, to Africa and through to South America, launch vehicles can deliver payloads to orbital destinations where - and when - they want from a commercial launch site. Our range of launch inclinations from a single site is simply unmatched in North America.

At Spaceport Nova Scotia, we are building a fully integrated site that will support our clients with completing the final assembly of hardware, payload integration, and launch support. The highly experienced team at Spaceport Nova Scotia will manage launch service support activities allowing you, the launch operator, to completely focus on your mission.

We offer:

  • Flexible lease options for Launch Vehicle Operators
  • Custom-built launch pads with propellant storage and loading systems;
  • Facilities for vehicle and payload processing, including clean room environments, tools and test equipment;
  • Launch control centre with tailored computing, communications, and visualization capabilities;
  • Full suite of range services, including range safety, telemetry, electromagnetic compatibility, lightning protection, and weather support;
  • Full launch logistics support including supply of propellants, gases, and other materials;
  • Compliance support with Canadian Federal and NS Provincial regulatory requirements;
  • Support for compliance with international launch regulations including the US FAA-AST CFR Part 450 requirements;
  • Access to government infrastructure reimbursement programs to reduce nonrecurring build out costs;
  • Easy NAS planning and integration with federal partners prior to and for launch.

The Nova Scotia Advantage

  • Long term lease options to meet client launch demands for high throughput numbers of missions
  • Citing for up to four launch pads across 350 acres with additional expansion potential
  • Launch commit exclusivity for early movers
  • Comparatively easy logistics with international air, deep seaport, and transcontinental road and rail services
  • A highly desirable tourist destination for support staff and satellite clients
  • Fully permitted for buildout with construction underway
  • Best positioned to meet satellite clients orbital insertion needs
  • Accessible, unrestricted and uncongested airspace
  • Mild and temperate weather compared to launch sites based in the Arctic, North Sea, deserts or jungle

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