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Strategically Placed to Serve the Burgeoning Commercial Space Industry

Formed in 2016, Maritime Launch is Canada’s first commercial rocket launch spaceport. With the very first launch scheduled for 2023, Maritime Launch will utilize the well-proven Cyclone 4M rocket family to help clients reach polar or sun-synchronous orbits -the fastest-growing sector in our space industry today, and forge Canada’s increased leadership in the international aerospace community.

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Based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, Maritime Launch is a strategically-located commercial launch provider offering state-of-the-art, low technical risk launch alternatives with a medium-sized launch vehicle, offering unmatched flexibility and responsiveness in placing global client satellites into low Earth orbit.

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Located near the picturesque town of Canso, close to the Eastern Atlantic edge of Nova Scotia, our new spaceport launch facility will provide optimal launch trajectories from a range of polar to sun-synchronous orbits. With a planned launch cadence of approximately eight launches per year, we’ll be able to schedule around known events, such as bird migrations, so our efforts have minimal if any effect on the surrounding natural environment. This rocket launch spaceport is strategic in that it:


  • Has nearby multimodal transportation including seaports for launch vehicle delivery.
  • Avoids environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands or endangered flora and fauna.
  • Is a remote coastal area with clear access to downrange from the desired orbit.


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