Calm ocean at sunset revealing wispy clouds and dark starry sky.

Our unmatched range of inclinations

Nova Scotia isn’t only a beautiful destination. It’s one of North America’s most ideal sites to launch satellite technology into space.

It’s nearly impossible to find a more ideal range of launch inclinations in our continent than in Nova Scotia: we are clear from obstructions or hazards, on the edge of the ocean, and an easy rallying point for transportation, resources, and clients. Maritime Launch considered thirteen other possible locations across North America. By far, our location near Canso, Nova Scotia is the safest and most globally competitive location for Canada’s first commercial spaceport:

Geographic Location Icon

Our geographic positioning couldn’t be better, with a range of launch inclinations east and south over the Atlantic Ocean.

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Local populations are well outside our safety zone for launches, with minimal air or ocean traffic.

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We’re close to utilities, workforce, and transportation infrastructure, with ocean access for receiving launch vehicles.

Spaceport Nova Scotia offers Clients the widest launch inclinations available across North America: 45.1 degrees to 98.1 degrees

inclinations map