The Spaceport Company Signs Agreement with Maritime Launch to Provide Tracking and Telemetry Stations for Spaceport Nova Scotia



(April 25th, 2024) Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaMaritime Launch Services Inc. (Cboe CA: MAXQ, OTCB: MAXQF) and The Spaceport Company have inked a Letter of Intent (LOI) to lease a containerized tracking and telemetry station (TTS) from The Spaceport Company (TSC) for an inaugural orbital launch from Canada, with options to purchase multiple units as Maritime Launch operations ramp up.

“This agreement allows us to provide Maritime Launch customers alternatives for on-site and downrange support for space launch operations from Spaceport Nova Scotia,” said Stephen Matier, President and CEO. “It’s important that our clients receive all their service needs at the ready, so they can focus on their satellite client missions.”

The Spaceport Company builds infrastructure to solve the problem of launch site congestion. Founded in 2022 in Northern Virginia, TSC now has locations in Florida and Mississippi. The team has over 30 years of combined experience in the space and infrastructure industries. Leveraging their extensive expertise, The Spaceport Company has developed an innovative launch tracking system assembled in a transportable container, enabling swift deployment of their technology anywhere it is needed to support launch missions.      

Maritime Launch is developing Spaceport Nova Scotia, Canada’s first commercial spaceport located near Canso, Nova Scotia.

This affordable and flexible launch tracking service will be offered to Maritime Launch clients as a part of their facility lease at Spaceport Nova Scotia with planned pickup points not only at launch, but also through orbital insertion and beyond. Multiple transportable units may be deployed in multiple locations globally to provide continued tracking as the launch vehicle follows its path to orbit.

Maritime Launch plans to offer this mobile tracking service on its first orbital mission, slated for 2025.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Maritime Launch on tracking and telemetry stations," stated Tom Marotta, CEO and Founder, The Spaceport Company. "This Letter of Intent signifies the beginning of a promising partnership that will contribute to the advancement of space launch capabilities in Canada."

The LOI between Maritime Launch and The Spaceport Company sets the stage for further discussions and negotiations towards finalizing agreements for the lease and eventual purchase of tracking and telemetry stations.

Both parties are fully committed to working closely together to realize their mutual objectives of supporting space launch operations and fostering innovation in the fast-growing global commercial space sector.