Maritime Launch and Spaceport Nova Scotia featured in Canadian Defence Review Magazine

CANSEC, Canada’s largest global defence and security trade show, took place last week in Ottawa, and Maritime Launch was pleased to be a part of it. Our team met with officials from the Canadian National Defence, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, ViaSat and several others. As Canada’s first spaceport, we share many interests and goals as the global defence and security community. 

This month, we’re thrilled to be featured in the Canadian Defence Review magazine produced for CANSEC, held annually in Ottawa since 1998 by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). It’s a showcase for the latest in land-based, naval, aerospace and joint force military innovation, including useful technology, products, and services for first responders, police, border and security entities and special operations units.

The magazine interviewed Maritime Launch President & CEO Stephen Matier, who spoke of the international demand driving the space industry growth in Canada:


…The advent of LEO-based internet access, combined with the many other services provided by orbiting satellites, is driving strong financial growth in the commercial space market. ‘It is currently on track to be worth $1 trillion in 2040,’ Matier told CDR. ‘Demand keeps growing for rockets to boost LEOs into space. That’s why we see real sales potential for Maritime Launch.’


‘If you look at recent filings to the FCC last November, there were 37,000 additional satellite slots requested by eight or nine different companies to put satellites into orbit,’ Matier noted. ‘We can offer the launching inclinations for virtually every single one of those.’”

As Matier explains in the piece, Canada is finally getting the launch facility it has long deserved, with the development of Spaceport Nova Scotia.

We were pleased to be at CANSEC, and we look forward to working with our peers in the global defence and security community as we develop Canada’s first commercial spaceport.


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