Maritime Launch and Skyrora partner to launch Skyrora XL from Spaceport Nova Scotia

As Skyrora's program progresses, it is great to have the option to offer more launch inclinations to Skyrora customers at Spaceport Nova Scotia. Through the LOI, we will be able to investigate all options for our potential clients. Since our partnership began, we have enjoyed working with the team of professionals at Maritime Launch, and we look forward to growing this exciting partnership together.


Maritime Launch Services Inc. (Maritime Launch) (NEO: MAXQ, OTCQB: MAXQF) and Skyrora are pleased to announce that they have signed a Letter of Intent to launch Skyrora XL from Spaceport Nova Scotia.


Maritime Launch is developing and operating Spaceport Nova Scotia, Canada’s first orbital launch complex and the first commercial spaceport in North America. Headquartered in Edinburgh with facilities located across Europe, Skyrora designs, manufactures, and deploys launch vehicles for small satellite manufacturers looking to access space.


The primary goal of this agreement is for Skyrora to supply launch vehicles for Maritime Launch satellite clients as well as to host their own satellite clients under a lease agreement.


“We are pleased about this new partnership and look forward to bringing our first international client, Skyrora, and the Skyrora XL vehicle, to Spaceport Nova Scotia in Canada” says Stephen Matier, President and CEO, Maritime Launch. “Following the company’s opening of its manufacturing facility in July and their vehicle’s recent successful second stage static hot fire test at Machrihanish Airbase in Scotland in August, we are excited to help deliver Skyrora XL’s sustainably-focused launch vehicle design and innovative third stage technology to customers on a global scale through this partnership.”


Skyrora XL is a three-stage, small class launch vehicle intended to place payloads into Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) between a range of 500km and 1,000km in altitude with a maximum payload of 350 kg to LEO. The vehicle is also intended to place payloads into Polar Orbit between a range of 200km and 1,000km in altitude.


Maritime Launch and Skyrora have signed a Letter of Intent for future launches and will move forward with negotiating a definitive agreement.


“This partnership between Skyrora and Spaceport Nova Scotia is hugely exciting and demonstrates the strength of the UK’s growing spaceflight sector and the increasing range of capabilities and expertise on offer from companies such as Skyrora.” said Matt Archer, Director of Commercial Spaceflight at the UK Space Agency. “As we soar towards the UK’s first commercial space launches, this partnership will help further the UK’s reputation as a leading spacefaring nation and attract commercial partners from around the globe to take advantage of our thriving spaceflight sector.”


As part of the agreement, Maritime Launch will purchase the vehicles and vehicle support staff from Skyrora for their satellite clients. Spaceport Nova Scotia will provide Skyrora a launch pad, ground and operations support, public safety services, regulatory approvals and mission integration facilities and staff.


Skyrora will supply the launch vehicle, mobile launch complex, and launch operations support team to Maritime Launch. At the time of launch, Skyrora plans to have a client's payload mission aboard Skyrora XL.