Maritime Launch and Nanoracks Partner with State Space Agency of Ukraine to develop a CubeSat Program for Ukrainian Universities

We are big fans of the Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP) led by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). By supporting State Space Agency of Ukraine in the development of a CubeSat Program, students will enjoy a unique, hands-on experience that will directly contribute to the growth and development of talent in the next generation of space professionals in Ukraine.


Today, Maritime Launch Services Inc. (NEO: MAXQ, OTCQB: MAXQF) and Nanoracks LLC (a Voyager Space company) are pleased to announce that they have signed a Letter of Intent with State Space Agency of Ukraine to support the development of a CubeSat program in Ukraine.


State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU), Maritime Launch and Nanoracks made the announcement together at the Canadian Space Agency pavilion during the International Astronautical Conference (IAC) 2022 in Paris, France.


Once developed, teams of professors and students in Ukraine will have the unique opportunity to design and build their own miniature satellite called a “CubeSat” to launch into space.


The proposed CubeSat Program, led by SSAU, will invite universities across Ukraine to design and build a satellite for a space mission. SSAU will issue a request for university proposals and then select participants.


“We’re honored to support this effort with Maritime Launch and State Space Agency of Ukraine,” says Dr. Amela Wilson, CEO of Nanoracks. “CubeSat programs offer immense opportunities for students to kickstart successful careers in the space industry, and we’re thrilled to bring this opportunity to Ukraine. Leveraging our experience managing the Canadian CubeSat Project for CSA and working with over a dozen universities in the country, we’re confident in the positive impact of this effort.”


After CubeSats are designed and built, University teams will prepare for launch. Nanoracks will support students with mission integration while Maritime Launch will launch the student CubeSats from Spaceport Nova Scotia.


With this Letter of Intent, State Space Agency of Ukraine, Nanoracks, and Maritime Launch will work together to develop the terms and conditions of the CubeSat program. Once complete, it is expected that space industry professionals in Ukraine will be invited to participate in this program to facilitate mentorship and training of young professionals in Ukraine’s space industry.