Internship Opportunity: Stories of Space Mission 03

Science and Community Coordinator/ STORY Submissions Manager

In this position, the main role will be to help capture, report and interpret story submissions for the STORIES of Space project from submissions local to Nova Scotia and submissions from all over the world.

Here are specific expectations of the role:

1. Work directly with STORIES of Space Executive Director Beth Mund and Maritime Launch VP of Communications Sarah McLean for                  assignments and then work independently to complete work each week, checking in as needed (less than 1-2 hours per week)

2. Work to monitor and gather information from our software platform (est. 1 hour or less per week)

3. Gather information and present examples of data repurposing from submissions

4. Prepare reports for the team every 2 weeks with most recent data from story submissions (number of stories, etc) via e-mail

5. Look for opportunities to assess content and implement accordingly

6. Research appropriate connections, influencers, teachers, department chairs, etc. and invite them to support & follow the project via existing      social media platforms

7. Research and propose creative ways to share and present data gathered to various audiences, investors, communities and organizations

8. Seek out outreach opportunities and partnerships with academia for implementation of the STORIES of Space Project

In this role, we are inviting students 16+ years and older who can:

1. HAVE FUN! This is an incredible opportunity and resume builder. You will be working with some influential people and building something           you’ll be able to point to on your resume/ LinkedIn profile

2. Work independently- on your own time. There will be opportunities to ask questions and meet with the executive team.

3. Take the lead on creative ideas and implementation.

4. Work with Canva / learn the Canva app

5. Be trusted with passwords

6. Help create and keep a measurement system

This is a fun and truly unique project!

There are many opportunities to apply a creative approach to the goals of this internship for the spring of 2024. Beth Mund and Sarah McLean will lead and support your work and the work environment will be one of growth and opportunity, you will be able to make this as involved as you want. While this position is unpaid, we will work with your academic institution or organization to assist you in receiving credit hours for this internship. You will be working with a new commercial space launch company and non-for-profit within the space exploration industry. Your work will be seen by teams of leaders and decision makers. You will be able to help make the STORIES of Space Mission #03 a successful partnership, a global case study and supporting a milestone event for Canada’s first commercial spaceport!

Please contact Beth Mund at and to set up an interview and brief zoom call. Please be familiar with the project prior by reviewing