Canadian student rocketry group reaches new heights with Spaceport Nova Scotia’s first launch

Today’s accomplishment is the result of an enormous amount of work, research, preparation and commitment and I am so proud of everyone involved. It is an honour to have the opportunity to come to Nova Scotia and launch from Spaceport Nova Scotia. Of course we are disappointed that the launch couldn’t happen yesterday in front of many young students and future potential Canadian rocketry professionals, however given the excitement we saw on site yesterday, I am confident that there is a very bright future for Canada in the global space industry.

-- said Andreas Tryphonopoulos, team lead for Arbalest Rocketry.


Canso, Nova Scotia, July 6, 2023 – Today, a group of some of the brightest young minds in the fields of Canadian science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) took their passion for rocketry and space to new levels as they launched their amateur high-powered rocket from Spaceport Nova Scotia.

Arbalest Rocketry, a rocketry team from Ontario’s York University, made the most of a Launch Canada initiated opportunity to prepare for and execute a sub-orbital launch at Canada’s first commercial spaceport currently being built by Maritime Launch Services Inc. (NEO: MAXQ, OTCQB: MAXQF) in Canso, Nova Scotia.

The originally planned launch was to take place yesterday in front of invitees including local, provincial and federal officials as well as Indigenous leaders and young Nova Scotian students from the region. However, given the weather, while the celebratory event continued, the team made the decision to postpone the launch, with the launch program forwarded to today.

Undaunted by the delay, the Arbalest team today launched their amateur high-powered rocket, ‘Goose 3’ from the Spaceport Nova Scotia launchpad.

Launch Canada, through various initiatives including today’s launch, supports over 1000 students nationwide from over 25 universities and colleges, uniting Canadian academia, industry and government with the aim to promote Canada's full innovative potential and secure its place for years to come as a front running space fairing nation.

Today’s launch is a demonstration that Canadian rocketry and engineering education is making significant progress and developing space sector excellence.

Adam Trumpour, President of Launch Canada highlighted the significance of the event as it relates to Canada’s future in the space sector. “Today’s launch event is proof positive that Canada is actively developing highly skilled and talented aerospace professionals” said Trumpour, adding, “and having access to a world class launch location and infrastructure right here at home will help keep this wealth of talent in Canada and drive our country’s success in the ‘global space’ race.”

Maritime Launch Services CEO Stephen Matier noted that hosting this student-led launch fuels the company’s passion for developing Canada’s first commercial spaceport. “We’ve always maintained that while we are building a commercial spaceport to serve global market demand, it is critical that this facility also serve aspiring Canadian space industry members as a place of learning and innovation,” said Matier. “It is only fitting that the first launch vehicle to take off from Spaceport Nova Scotia is domestically designed and launched by students from the Arbalest Rocketry team.”

Representatives from the Canadian Space Agency were also in attendance yesterday at Spaceport Nova Scotia to meet with students and observe the launch event.

Other invited attendees included members of the community as well as local, provincial and federal members of government, leaders from Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation, family and friends of the Arbalest Rocketry team and officials from Transport Canada and NavCanada.

Maritime Launch Services

Sarah McLean

Vice President of Communications and Corporate Affairs