Launch Services 

Satellite Launch Services

Expecting to break ground before the end of 2019, our new facility will allow the Cyclone 4M launch vehicles to place satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits, building to a launch tempo of eight launches per year. Our first launch is currently scheduled for the last quarter of 2021.

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Your Mission is Our Mission

In collaboration with Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash, Maritime Launch offers a well-proven low technical risk launch vehicle at a competitive price, to place up to 3350 kg of cargo into polar or sun-synchronous orbits. Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash have over 876 successful launches under their belt, including the first stage of the multiple successful ANTARES™ rocket launches operated by Northrop Grumman and ESA's VEGA 4th stage propulsion systems, with the Cyclone-4M being the vehicle of choice in over 220 of those launches.


Dedicated Launches 

Our dedicated launches are tailored to meet your requirements and ensure your payload is delivered on time, on budget, and on trajectory.

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Rideshare Launches 

Our rideshare service offers a number of opportunities every year to fly with other payloads at highly competitive rates.

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Constellation Launches 

As a long-term partner, we can help you establish and maintain a constellation of satellites through dedicated and rideshare launches, or a combination thereof.

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Our Location

Canso, Nova Scotia in Canada

Strategically located in Nova Scotia, Canada, near the town of Canso, our new headquarters and launch site will provide optimal polar and sun-synchronous launch trajectories. Along with the creation of the launch site, we hope to provide a significant positive impact on the community and Province, both in terms of long-term engineering and technician employment, local infrastructure improvements and tourism.