Cyclone 4M

Interior and Exterior views of Cyclone-4M launch vehicle.


Cyclone-4M LV is a two-staged monoblock medium-lift LV produced to satisfy the growing demand for commercial launch missions to LEO and SSO (including SC constellations).

Stage One

The first stage of the Cyclone-4M LV is developed based on heritage components and systems of the Zenit launch vehicles. The first stage is equipped with a liquid oxygen-kerosene engines.

Stage Two

The second stage of the Cyclone-4M LV is equipped with a restartable nitrogen tetroxide-unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazene engine for orbital maneuvers and multiple restart capabilities.

Rocket Comparison

Comparison of the Cyclone 4M to other rockets

Unique Features of the Cyclone-4M

Icon of Planet with Orbit ring

Low Earth orbit-oriented launch vehicle (including sun-synchronous orbit and International Space Station orbit, if required).

Icon of Space Shuttle launching

Capable to launch single Space Craft (SC), as well as SC aggregation for the purpose of SC constellation deployment.

Icon of the two step launch process

New two staged design of the launch vehicle based on proven elements and solutions.

Icon with leaf

Transition to “ecologically friendly” propellants.

Icon of manufacturing machine

Launch vehicle is completely manufactured by Ukrainian companies.