About Maritime Launch

Maritime Launch brings together the necessary skills, assets, launch vehicle technology, and infrastructure to serve the rapidly growing commercial space launch requirements for satellites. Leveraging highly reliable and mission-proven launch vehicles designed by Yuzhnoye, Maritime Launch will offer the most efficient lift capacity to address the launch requirements of the fast-growing LEO space industry worldwide.

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Safe and Affordable Orbital Access

Today, there are very few launch locations globally that serve the commercial market, and even fewer that serve a wide range of launch trajectories to polar and sun-synchronous orbits. Our mission is to develop an extremely safe, efficient, and cost-effective launch facility where we will help clients by meeting all their orbital access needs to LEO.

Our Team

Our team brings decades of engineering, program management, and business development expertise in the aerospace industry and has engaged in launch service activities at nearly every spaceport world-wide.

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Steve Matier

President & CEO

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Joseph Hasay


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Dave Walsh


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Yaroslav Pustovyi

VP for Strategic Development

Our Location

Canso, Nova Scotia in Canada

Strategically located in Nova Scotia, Canada, near the town of Canso, our new headquarters and launch site will provide optimal polar and sun-synchronous launch trajectories. Along with the creation of the launch site, we hope to provide a significant positive impact on the community and Province, both in terms of long-term engineering and technician employment, local infrastructure improvements and tourism.

Nearby Attractions 

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Fishing boat docked outside yellow house at Canso's waterfront

The Town of Canso

The closest nearby attraction can be found in Guysborough County. Canso is a beautiful, quaint town with great food and views to match.

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Wide angle showcasing Halifax Waterfront

Halifax Waterfront

Known internationally for its historic waterfront boardwalk, the Halifax Waterfront is rich with cuisine, history, and entertainment.

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Aerial view of Citadel Hill showcasing its unique star shape design

Halifax Citadel Historic Site

Central to and overlooking the city is the Halifax Citadel, an impressive star-shaped fort built into the landscape first established in 1749.

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Peggy's Cove lighthouse at sunset

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Home to over 160 historic lighthouses, Peggy’s Cove is a vibrant fishing village known for its Maritime cuisine and guided tours.

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Proven and Reliable Launch Technology

During its first years of operation, Maritime Launch will use the Cyclone-4M to put satellites into low earth orbit. With over 200 successful launches in the Cyclone family, this medium-class rocket can carry a capacity of 3350 kg to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), or up to 5,000 kg to certain lower altitudes and inclinations.

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