About MLS

Maritime Launch Services Ltd (MLS) was formed in Nova Scotia, Canada with the intention of bringing together the necessary skills, assets, launch vehicle technology and infrastructure to serve the burgeoning commercial space launch requirements for satellites. MLS will leverage the highly reliable and proven launch vehicles designed by Yuzhnoye in Ukraine to bring their latest model Cyclone 4M to the North American market. The Cyclone 4M occupies an underserved market segment which offers the most efficient lift capacity to address developing launch industry requirements. Constellation launch requirements dictate an optimum number of spacecraft be launched together. Both larger and smaller vehicle classes do not offer the most efficient mass utilization and launch price.

The Cyclone 4M provided by MLS and launched to a polar and/or sun synchronous orbit from Canso, Nova Scotia will serve this market. Cyclone 4M will be available for $45M USD per launch. It is suitable for Sun Synchronous Orbit applications and will allow a payload up to 3,350 kilograms (5,000 kilograms to LEO - Lower Earth Orbit)

The technical and financial risks associated with Cyclone 4M are very low since it is based on a history of 221 successful launches of the Cyclone family and >875 missions of other launchers designed by Yuzhnoye and built by Yuzhmash. With a solid industrial base which is currently supporting commercial space customers including NASA’s International Space Station program, Sea Launch, and others, Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash are reliable world class aerospace firms.


MLS's management team brings decades of engineering, program management and business development expertise in the aerospace industry. MLS executives have engaged in launch service activities at nearly every launch location world-wide.

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Steve Matier

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